Meet Our Management Team

Emmanuel Opeyemi Oke is at the helm of affairs at FFS Microfinance Bank, He serves as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, bringing over 15 years of experience in accounting practice and the financial services industry. His journey reflects a commitment to excellence, compliance, and empowering individuals and communities through responsible financial solutions.

His academic foundation is firmly rooted in finance and accounting. He holds an EMBA (Finance) and a B.Sc. (Hons) in Accounting. He is a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA), an Associate Chartered Professional Manager (ACPM), and a Microfinance Chartered Banker (MCIB), among others. He leverages this foundation alongside his diverse professional experience, having thrived in roles from loan officer to prominent leadership positions in Credit Analysis and Management, Business Development, Risk Management, Internal Audit and Control, Compliance, etc. His background equips him with deep understanding of the microfinance industry and the intricacies of building a successful financial institution.

As Managing Director, Emmanuel leverages his expertise in governance, enterprise risk management, compliance, and various other areas. He is a strategic leader, providing clear direction while fostering a collaborative and learning-oriented environment. His extensive experience in the microfinance sector, having overseen significant growth in loan portfolios and implemented innovative financial solutions, positions him well to contribute to FFS MFB's mission of providing vital financial support through micro credits.

Emmanuel is a family man whose passion extends beyond the confines of former financial services. He actively contributes to the community, having pioneered and currently serving as the President of Great Help Welfare Scheme. He served as President of the Nigeria Christian Corpers' Fellowship, Niger State, during his service year under the National Youth Service Corps scheme. He also served the Board of Governors of the La Beacon School, Lagos.

Emmanuel is highly organized, result-oriented, teachable, proactive, willing to learn, and always ready to impact knowledge. His commitment to building strong relationships and his approachable nature are evident in his top-notch communication skills.

Emmanuel Opeyemi Oke is a visionary leader who is passionate about building a brighter future for FFS MFB and the communities it serves. With his expertise, dedication, and collaborative approach, he is well-positioned to drive the bank's continued success and empower individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals

Emmanuel Opeyemi Oke

Managing Director/CEO | Microfinance Expert | Risk Manager |Compliance Executive | EMBA | FCA | MCIB | ACPM| ACMA| CCP(CM)

Faluyi Temitope Felicia brings over a decade of experience in the financial sector to FFS MFB. She’s a Chartered Accountant with a keen eye for detail, she is a strong advocate for financial compliance and risk management. Her proven track record includes leading accounting teams, overseeing internal controls, and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

Her diverse background in accounting and leadership roles (e.g., Head of Internal Control, Head of Finance) equips her to see the financial picture from multiple angles, ensuring strong internal controls and a focus on regulatory compliance.

Adept in all aspects of financial management, Temitope has a proven track record in overseeing accounting processes, preparing financial reports, and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. Her experience includes leading accounting teams, managing budgets, and conducting internal audits.

Prior to joining FFS MFB, Temitope served as Head of Internal Control, Audit and Compliance and Head of Finance and Admin. Where, she played a key role in streamlining accounting systems, optimizing internal controls, and ensuring smooth operations.

Beyond her technical expertise, Temitope is a team player with a collaborative spirit. She is known for her clear communication skills and her ability to break down complex financial concepts into understandable terms.

When not immersed in the world of finance, Temitope enjoys volunteering in her community and spending time with a good book. She is a lifelong learner who is constantly seeking new knowledge and ways to improve her skills.

Temitope's qualifications and dedication to excellence make her a valuable asset to the FFS MFB management. Her commitment to financial integrity and her passion for the success of the microfinance sector position her to play a key role in guiding FFS MFB towards a bright and sustainable future

Faluyi Temitope Felicia

Head Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance

Ademola Adesanwo brings a wealth of experience to FFS MFB having dedicated over 23 years to the Nigerian banking sector. His journey from teller to Head of Operations at FFS MFB exemplifies his commitment to excellence and financial inclusion.

Ademola’s values learning and his professional background reflects a well-rounded understanding of various banking operations, including vault management, transaction processing, customer service, credit analysis, and ATM operations. He has held leadership positions where he excelled in branch operations, customer service management, and product development.

Ademola's in-depth knowledge of microfinance banking regulations proves invaluable to FFS MFB's mission of empowering individuals and communities. He’s a Chartered Banker who also holds a Microfinance Bank Certification, and stays demonstrating his dedication to staying current in the dynamic financial landscape.

Ademola joined the FFS MFB in 2011 and has since then, played a pivotal role in ensuring the bank's smooth operation and financial stability. His leadership extends beyond operations; He is passionate about building customer trust and delivering exceptional service.

When he's not strategizing operational excellence, Ademola enjoys reading and the competitiveness of table tennis.

Ademola Adesanwo believes in hardwork, honesty, discipline and integrity and strives towards excellence as an effective and efficient manager.

He is a valuable asset to the management team, and his experience and passion for financial empowerment will continue to guide the bank's mission towards a brighter future


Head of Operations | MILR | CIBN | NIM | NIPR

He is an experienced banker with over 25years in the financial services industry. He holds a first degree from University of Calabar and a Master of Business Administration from Imo State University. He is an Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria and a Member of Nigerian Institute of Management. He is also Microfinance Certified.


Head, Credit and Marketing

Femi Afolabi brings over 16 years of experience in the Nigerian banking sector to the FFS MFB management. His expertise in Information Technology (IT) has been instrumental in driving operational excellence and fostering a culture of innovation at the bank and making him a valuable asset in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Femi's career journey spans across various IT functions, from network administration and user support to product development and cybersecurity and now leading the Information Technology department at FFS MFB, he has a deep understanding of the intricate workings of financial technolog

Since joining FFS MFB in December 2013, Femi has played a pivotal role in driving the bank's digital transformation. He spearheads initiatives to ensure the bank's IT infrastructure is robust and secure, while also implementing innovative solutions like mobile banking and internet services.

Femi understands that technology is a tool for empowering people. He is passionate about leveraging IT solutions to enhance the customer experience at FFS MFB. His experience in e-channels management, including ATM services and mobile banking, reflects his commitment to making financial services accessible and convenient.

Femi's educational background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Obafemi Awolowo University) combined with a Master's degree in Information Technology demonstrates his technical foundation. He is a Certified Microfinance Banker, actively participating in industry training programs, showcasing his dedication to continuous learning and staying relevant in the evolving financial landscape.

Outside of work, Femi's background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering informs his problem-solving approach, fostering a logical and analytical leadership style that reflects in his personality. He enjoys spending time with his family and remains actively involved in his church, Foursquare Gospel Church, where he serves as the resident Pastor of a District Headquarters Church. During his university days, he served as President of the Foursquare Student Fellowship, and currently he is the President of Foursquare Alumni Fellowship OAU Chapter.

Femi's blend of technical expertise, customer focus, and a drive for innovation makes him a key player in shaping the future of FFS MFB. His leadership in the digital space is instrumental in ensuring the bank continues to deliver inclusive financial services through cutting-edge technology.

femi Afolabi

Head, Information Technology |BSC Elect/Elect Engr | MSC (Information Technology) | CIBN

Jimoh Olumuyiwa is a Finance Specialist with over 10 years’ experience in Micronance Industry.

He has vast and wide experience in Micronance Financial Reporting, Banking Operations, Financial Analysis, Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Budgetary Control, Credit Management and Performance Management with a veriable track record of achievements.

He has worked in di+erent sectors of nancial Industry which includes Micronance Banks, Micronance Institution as well as Finance House as Head of Finance and Strategy Unit.

He obtained his rst degree in Accounting from Olabisi Onabanjo University.

He is a Professional Student Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), an Associate Member of the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria (ISMN) as well as a Certied Micronance Banker of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN). He is also a registered Professional Member of Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN).

He is a passionate and well-motivated leader and always want to achieve success at all times.

He has undergone several Professional Trainings on International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) among others.

Jimoh Olumuyiwa

Head, Finance and Strategy | ACA| CIBN